Meet the wealth redistribution project

A smart way to distribute wealth

Through a smart raffle platform, it is possible to make a fair distribution of wealth where the whole community will benefit.

About Token

What is Kublaicoin?

It is a token made in the ERC20 standards intended to govern an intelligent wealth distribution system.


Through API it is possible for other users to integrate the platform efficiently.


Holders of Kublaicoin will benefit from the currency distribution process.


You can trade Kublaicoin on zero rate partner exchanges.

Decentralized network

Integrate Kublaicoin into your application

Smart contracts allow us to develop highly scalable, high performance applications.

With that in mind, we've prepared an API where you can now accept Kublaicoin as a payment method and start trading right now!

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KUB Toke

Kublaicoin offers scalability and liquidity.

Through its own API infrastructure and improved KUB databases, it enables constant application development.

Rest API
ERC20 Pattern
Easy Integration
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Understand the project

Sign up for Minerlotto, join the Kublaicoin and Minerlotto community, mine, get raffle coupons and win amazing prizes.


Our differential

Our differential applies through good wealth sharing practices, advanced scalability and more.

High standard

Kublaicoin has been developed through ethereum's highest ERC20 safety standard. This allows us to offer scalability and ease of integration in various wallets.


A highly scalable currency created within the erc20 platform that enables a larger number of transactions.

Audited Code

Its new algorithms can detect 100% of the risks associated with Ethereum-based contracts.


Correcting distribution failures for most of the tokens released on the market, Kublaicoin used a different strategy by choosing not to pre-sell their currency to inhibit large investors from gaining greater control over it.

Intensive Development

We are always working to update and improve the entire eco system that surrounds our currency.

Amazing Support

We have the best professionals to serve and guide our community.

Our Roadmap

KUB Distribution

Total Supply

Total Circulation

Supply vs Circulation

Part of our total reserve is preserved for perfect circulation sustainability.

Download Our Whitepaper

Download and learn more about our project. Understand our technology and solutions.

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

What are the objectives of this Token?

Distributing wealth among people, we created the world's first decentralized lottery mining software to distribute what was mined among users of the Kublaicoin and Minerlotto community.

Can anyone be part of Minerlotto?

Yes, simple and easy, download the software and start competing.

How it works?

You register on the Minerlotto website, download the software, start mining and start receiving tickets to compete in weekly sweepstakes.

What is the value of the sweepstakes?

Who will set the values ​​will be the size of the community, it has no minimum values and no maximum values.

Can I refer a friend?

The bigger the community the bigger the prizes, the draws with 10,000 users will be an X value, it has no minimum values and no maximum values.

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